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Hi; I'm Sonja. Like many people, I appreciate art even though I am not part of the "art world." I have taken drawing and painting lessons, and a few art history classes, but that's about it. I like asking artists about their work, and buying pieces that appeal to me. Lots of people enjoy and purchase art but don't think of themselves as collectors because they are not rich, or because they do not have an art background. Still, they might want to know more about the work they see, or about the artists who create it. 


The idea for this site came about from conversations with my son, who is a professional artist and art educator. I was always curious about what he and other artists were doing, and why. Our conversations were casual and down-to-earth; just an artist telling his mom (Mami) about his work. In that spirit, I created this site as a way to take art conversations out of traditional gallery, museum, or university settings. This is a place for artists to talk about their work in the same informal way that they might talk to their own family members.  

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